Hot Pink Bamboo Rings Curtain

This is the perfect curtain to bring a touch of island cool to any room. It's suitable for any space, but especially in open windows and doorways; this bamboo curtain sounds like ocean waves when moved by the wind. If you want classy and classic island style, this is the curtain for you. Hanging rod not included; these hang from 5 larger rings at the top, which makes them very versatile. They are very lightweight, and hang from either a rod or hooks. The width is fairly adjustable, and it's easy to add more sets of curtains once you fall in love with the first curtain!

Size: Rings: 1 inch..Rod Ring: 1.5 inches..

Width: (across) 36"

Height: (ceiling to floor) 82"..


Colors may be darker or lighter than shown. If you order more than one, they may be different shades of pink.