FAQ's About Beaded Curtains

 Q: Do I need to purchase a rod for your curtains?
A: No. All of my acrylic curtains come attached to a rod. All you need are 2 nails to hang them and youre done. You can remove the strands if you desire to hang them on something else...The rod is made of hard plastic and can either be hung inside a doorway or from the ceiling (using the eyelets on top of the bar).
Q: How do I remove excess width from my acrylic beaded curtain?
A: All of our beaded curtains come attached to a rod that are 35-36 inches wide (With the exception of the 12" wide curtains). The curtain rods can be cut with any sharp tool. What you would need to do first is remove one of the end caps on the tubular rod. They are glued together so you will need a sharp knife or something similar. Then slide out the piece of heavy plastic inside the tube where the beads are hanging from. Then you cut the rod. Cut the piece that the beads hang off of with scissors. Re-insert the beads and their holder into the rod. Put the end cap back on and you have yourself a custom curtain, custom made!
Q: My window is 4' wide and your rods are 3' wide, how can i make that work?
A: You will need to purchase 2 curtains and cut one of the rods to fit into your space.. please refer to the answer in the "remove excess width" question for details on cutting your rod.
Q: How can I add extra strands to my acrylic beaded curtain?
A: You can manually add extra strands of beads on any of our acrylic beaded curtains. You will need to take off the end cap off the beaded curtain to do this. They are glued together so you will need a sharp knife or something similar. Each acrylic curtain is hung on a plastic rod and inside of the rod is a track that the beads hang on. Just add the extra strands, slide the track back in and glue the cap back on!
Q: How do I reduce the length of my beaded curtain?
A: The beads on our acrylic curtains are individually pressed onto the string. In other words, the string is inside of each bead permanently. The advantage of this is that if you want to reduce the length of the curtain, you can cut the string without having the rest of the beads slide off.
Q: How do I hang my curtain?
Step 1: Installation should take less than 5 minutes and can be easily performed by one person. You will need your curtain, two nails or cup-hooks, a pencil, and a hammer. You can choose to hang your curtains with either finishing nails or cup hooks. You may wish to level and center your beaded curtain with a tape measure or level. However it is often best to center and level your beaded curtain by eye, as walls and doors may not be plumb. Depending on how you wish to hang your beaded curtain you may also need a cutting tool.
Step 2: Hold your curtain up to where you wish to mount it. You have the option of mounting the curtain inside or outside of the door frame. Level and center your beaded curtain either with a tape measure and level or by eye and then make your pencil marks. Some doorways are not the standard width. To hang inside these door frames you may need to trim your beaded curtain to fit. When trimming the beaded curtain take care to make good measurements prior to cutting.
Step 3: Nail in your finishing nails or screw in your cup hooks. Make sure these are securely placed into the wall or door frame. Step 4: Hang your curtain (how easy was that!) Step 5: Congratulate yourself on your accomplishment, and enjoy your curtains!