About My Company

I love... hand-selecting everything on my site.  Waking up and finding boxes filled with magical items and feeling like it's my birthday every week.  Designing exclusive items that can only be found here. Showcasing small artisan brands from bath and body to coffee to artwork. Walking through my beautiful beaded curtains in every room in my house.

I've learned a lot since I began with a few fairy items to what my site has become. An eclectic collection of everything I love.  I've learned how to pack a 50 pound glass chandelier without breaking.  I've learned that most customers are amazing and one or two are not so amazing. I've learned that cats don't care if you're in the middle of emailing customers, when they want to be petted, that's what you do.  I've learned that working til 3am is normal during the holidays.

I am so blessed to be doing what I love and I am so grateful for every customer... (even the one or two not so amazing ones!) who have supported my small business over the years and I hope you continue to come back and see what's new.