Glassmasters Klimt Mother and Child, Three Ages of Woman Stained Glass

In this tender portrait of a sleeping mother and daughter, Klimt conveys eternal contentment. Clusters of flowers in the mother's golden hair transition to a glowing background of circular motifs that enwraps the two figures. The expressive image is a detail from the painting, Three Ages of Woman , 1905, inspired by Auguste Rodin's bronze figurine, Die schone Helmschmiedin . 

Glassmasters was a company that existed for 40 years and closed in 2005. They produced high quality silk screened reproductions of art work from a wide variety of sources. They did commission pieces for museums, foundations, individual artists, even Disney. Artists include Louis Comfort Tiffany, Amy Brown, Thomas Kinkade, Frank Lloyd Wright, many French impressionists, contemporary wildlife artists, and many others.

Size: 5 x 7

New in original packaging from the original Glassmasters company.

This is not made by the company who purchased Glassmasters after the original company went out of business.   The new owners make their items in China, and the original Glassmasters made the items in-house in the USA.