30 Foot Long Silver Champagne Bubbles Beaded Curtain

This champagne bubble beaded curtain features silver coated bubble beads.

These are the curtains you want if you're looking for something that sparkles and shines like mirrors.

3 Feet Wide x 30 Feet Long: Our wonderful heavy-duty acrylic beaded curtains are a perfect addition to any room! Use in the place of regular doors, closet doors, or behind a bed to add height to any room! Because the bubble disc beads on this style lay in different directions, even with just 23 strands you get a very full look with this beaded curtain

These are the curtains that the Pussycat Dolls purchased from me but in the 30' length.

Remember, you can cut these, so if you need 2-15' or 3-10', you can just make them yourself....

These are heavy and will have oversized package shipping costs.