Bohemian Pillow Cover -- Pink

Hand crafted, embroidered pillow cover with a pink color base... . Vintage patches from wedding saris & dresses from India are patched together at random to create a collage like effect. The result is a gorgeous mixture of various hues of the base pink color.

The entire cover is decorated with some or all of these details: lots of colored beads, studs, patchwork, faux pearls, raised colored thread work and embroidery in intricate designs. Solid pink color backing. The overlapping slits in the back allow you to put in the cushion, filling or insert.

Single Cushion Cover - sold individually.  A standard 16" x 16" cushion can be used as the insert... please note that pillow cushion is not included.

Solid matching color fabric at the back. Note: Each of these pillow covers are unique and will vary slightly in design but the colors will be in the same hue....

Care Instructions: Dry Clean, Hand wash