Narrow Clear Octagon Beaded Curtain, 1 Foot Wide for Small Spaces

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This beautiful hand-beaded acrylic crystal vintage style beaded curtain measures 12 inches wide for narrow spaces.

The beads are individually hung on jump rings from one rod. These are made of high quality acrylic, but look very much like glass crystals. There is no iridescent  coating on top of these beads.

Use several next to each other to fill in wider spaces. The rods will line up and look like one continuous piece.

Use this in a window, in a doorway, as a room divider or anywhere you need some class and moving architectural elements.

The bottom of each strand is finished with one 2" beautiful faceted teardrop bead.

12" wide, 72" long.

18mm = 0.70 inches.

5 strands per curtain.