Clear Rectangle Prism Beaded Curtain -- 12 Inches Wide

This beautiful hand-beaded acrylic crystal "Prism" beaded curtain is gorgeous... The beads are individually hung from jump rings from one rod. These are made of high quality acrylic, but look very much like glass crystals.Use several next to each other to fill in wider spaces. The rods will line up and look like one continuous piece.

The acrylic rectangular and square crystals are perfectly clear.

Decor Idea: Hang one on each side of a door and leave the center clear for walking through!

Bead measurements:

XLarge Faceted Rectangle: 2" Long, 3/4" Wide

Large Faceted Rectangle: 1" Long, 3/4" Wide

Curtain Width: 12" (all strands hang from one rod)

Strands: 5 (pic shows multiple sets)

Curtain Length: 72"

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