Real Mirror Curtains -- As Seen on Miss Usa

As seen on Miss USA - Mirror Beaded Curtain.

This curtain is made out of circle-shaped real mirrors and is attached to a white wooden bar.

It has the hardware attached so all you need to hang it up is two nails or plant-hanger hooks..

12" inches wide, 6 feet long. Remember these are real mirrors, you don't want them in a place where you will walk through them often. If you need to cover a wider space, these curtains can easily be hung right next to each other.

Curtain measures 6 feet long and 1 foot wide. 22 Double-Sided Mirrors Per Strand for a total of appx 200+ mirrors. 5 Strands attached to one white wooden rod.

Mirror sizes alternate back and forth on each strand. The small mirrors are 1" in diameter. The large mirrors are 1.5" in diameter.


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