Perfume Oil -- Book of Spells -- Poison Apple Apothecary

A young woman enters a dark, dank room dimly lit by a lone candle. The candle flickers as she walks past it to kneel at an ancient wooden chest. It creaks as it opens and she pulls out a large leather bound book which has seen the passing of many generations. After walking to the table she gingerly places the book down and blows off a thin veil of dust. The enchanted woman reaches out tentatively and hesitates before opening the book, for it contains great secrets of the ages. At last she opens the volumes of magick and stares in wonder at the spells inked onto the pages....

Apply perfume oil to wrists and pulse points to enjoy this delicious scent the whole night long.

Perfume Oil comes packaged in a 5ml Green Glass Apothecary Bottle.

Perfume Oil Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance.


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