Large Beaded Chandelier -- 5 Tiers -- Iridescent Clear

This is an amazing beaded chandelier that is perfect for special events.  It can be used in different ways due to the separate elements.
There are two chandeliers in this set... to create the largest chandelier that is shown in the first picture, you just hook the long chandelier into the center of the widest chandelier.... this creates the 5 tier chandelier.... it is absolutely stunning.
You can use the chandeliers on their own as well. Each chandelier comes with its own light cord that plugs in... all you need are standard light bulbs and the maximum wattage is 60w... using the cords are optional.. you can choose to use LED lights { not included } or just hang them without lights at all...
5 tiers... using both chandeliers together... diameter is 24 inches wide and 44 inches long...
The largest of the two chandeliers has two tiers.....outer ring is 24 inches wide with a bead length of 12 inches long and the inner ring has 16 inch wide diameter ..and 18 inches long... the chain is an additional 21 inches. 
The smallest of the two chandeliers has three tiers.
Out of stock... next shipment is in August... if you would like to pre-order, just send me an email... thank you!
Silver is available at the moment.


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