Glassmasters Tiffany Stained Glass Majestic Dawn

Glassmasters was a company that existed for 40 years and closed in 2005. They produced high quality silk screened reproductions of art work from a wide variety of sources. The did commission pieces for museums, foundations, individual artists, even Disney. Artists include Louis Comfort Tiffany, Amy Brown, Thomas Kinkade, Frank Lloyd Wright, many French impressionists, contemporary wildlife artists, and many others.

The Glassmasters artists worked from meticulously executed drawings and chose from 700-1200 different colors of translucent enamel applied to cathedral glass.

Each color was tack-fired at 300 degrees Fahrenheit before the next color was added. That process was repeated up to 20 times before the final design was fired at almost 1,100 degrees which permanently fused the enamel into the glass.

Glassmasters' colors were guaranteed never to fade. They can be cleaned with any mild cleaning solution that does not contain any abrasives or acids. Use only a soft clean cloth to remove any dirt or to dry the surface of the art glass.

The Majestic Dawn by Tiffany is a beautiful reproduction of the original.  It measures 12 inches by 11 inches...and it was created in 1999.

Brand new... never used.. all original hardware included and the plastic stand that says "Glassmasters".   It comes with instructions and the original paper which talks about the piece itself and the company.  The original box is not included... 


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Type: Art

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