Devastatia & Infinity A Byss Set -- BeGoth -- Bleeding Edge Dolls Set

These dolls only come in this set of two: Devastatia and Infinity A Byss.

Name: just Devastatia

Favourite Colour: black and white (classic)

Pets: a poodle named Greta Garbo

Likes: cherry flavored pop, early 80’s Goth music, cocktail jewelry, buying shoes, driving her 1949 Coupe’ de Ville, singing “Bela Lugosi is Dead”, burlesque shows, custom made corsets, red lipstick and licorice

Dislikes: when people say “The Goth scene is dead”, long lines, cell phones, snow boarding, mallrats and jungle gyms


.Name: Infinity A. Byss

Favourite Colour: magenta and blue

Pets: doesn't believe in keeping them

Likes: New York Hardcore, real punk rock, CBGB’S, bondage gear, spike bracelets,Straight Edge Movement, SLC Punk, Sid and Nancy, moshing at local gigs, The Whiskey, Troubadour, Roxy and Chain Reaction, collecting band memorabilia (set lists, drumsticks and picks) and changing hair color very often (although it has never been pink)

Dislikes: punk-pop, anything Brittney, petal pink, Opera (cringe), fancy restaurants, valet parking, alcohol, meat, coffee houses, conformity, censorship and government conspiracies

Both are new in box.

Category: Bleeding Edge Dolls

Type: Bleeding Edge Dolls

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