Casual Storm & Infinity A Byss Set -- BeGoth -- Bleeding Edge Doll

      Full Name: Storm O'Misery

Favorite Colour: still black, babe
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Pets: I just bought a wombat on the black market (just kidding authorities). Anyway, his name is Mr. Tabmow. So far we get along, he's nocturnal, as I am, so there's hope we can cohabitate peacefully.

Likes: Mr. Tabmow (so far), walking down narrow alleys with a large umbrella during high speed wind advisories, tea with LOTS of sugar and milk and a signed poster of Uncle Fester from the original TV series.

Dislikes: The lack of creative material for movies. I'm very annoyed with all this rehashing of all the lame shows and cartoons of the past 30 years into bad sequel after bad sequel. They were marginal to start and really only good when you were sick at home from school, so why torture the general populace any longer? It makes me ill. I hate it and it sucks and please someone stop it immediately.


Name: Infinity A. Byss
Favourite Colour: magenta and blue
Pets: doesn't believe in keeping them
Likes: New York Hardcore, real punk rock, CBGB’S, bondage gear, spike bracelets,Straight Edge Movement, SLC Punk, Sid and Nancy, moshing at local gigs, The Whiskey, Troubadour, Roxy and Chain Reaction, collecting band memorabilia (set lists, drumsticks and picks) and changing hair color very often (although it has never been pink)
Dislikes: punk-pop, anything Brittney, petal pink, Opera (cringe), fancy restaurants, valet parking, alcohol, meat, coffee houses, conformity, censorship and government conspiracies
Both are new in box.

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