Bethany Lorelle Headband Bohemian Feather or Coiled Rose Headband

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Coiled Rose Headband.

Romance is in the air with this beautiful coiled red rose satin headband.
A perfect addition to to a romantic outfit. Stunning and delicate this headband is sure to please.

Georgette Feathered Headband:

The plumage accented with a bronze accent pieces that highlight the color of the plumage. Each feather is meticulously placed on a eco friendly backing made from recycled plastic, with extra attention paid to detailed placement of each feather.

Feathers are placed on a silver black satin lined headband.

bethany lorelle uses only the highest quality of materials in all of their pieces. This includes stronger/sturdier headbands, hand-assembled feather pads, and high-quality jewelry and accents. We consider this very important when dealing with materials as delicate as feathers, beads, and veils.


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