6 Foot Long Driftwood Garland -- 3 inch Pieces

This is the lighter-weight version of my original Driftwood Garlands... same driftwood.. smaller lighter pieces but just as beautiful and even more affordable!

Beautiful pieces of driftwood make up this hanging garland! Use several to make a dramatic curtain or room divider..

This long driftwood garland is handmade from slender driftwood twigs collected from storm-ravaged beaches. Beautiful in its simplicity, it is a gorgeous beach style deco item. Display along a mantlepiece, hanging from a nail on the wall, draped round a curtain pole or however you fancy. Guaranteed to evoke memories of happy beachcombing trips!

Measures: 3" is the longest piece, assorted sizes... x 72''h

Category: Driftwood Garlands

Type: Driftwood

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