Pink Hair Victoria Creeper & Hypnotica Gaze Set -- BeGoth -- Bleeding Edge Doll

Full Name: Victoria Creeper

Favorite Colour: purple

Pets: I have no time for anyone but myself

Likes: myself, my make-up, my clothes, my car (Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors), my band (which rocks!)

Dislikes: anyone who needs, waking up before 2pm, cleaning, doing laundry, and living with others


Full name: Hypnotica Gaze.

Pets: A loud mouth parrot named Twiggy.

Favorite Colors: Red And Black stripes.

Likes: Calliope (circus music), 3D movies, tattoo magazines, Trent Reznor, fetish clubs, high shoes, Thai food, new hairstyles, and numerous Gothic boys (She is currently single).

Dislikes: Public transportation, (that includes taxi cabs) the smell of fried foods, patchouli. cheerleaders, Ferris wheels, and small print (Something about her eyes).

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Category: Bleeding Edge Dolls

Type: Bleeding Edge Dolls

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