Things I love.

I used to have a blog where I would post things that I loved.

So.. I'll be adding new things i love everyday or almost every day or every other day or once a week or something.


I love Zola Jesus.  Lyrics to Vessel are underneath the video.


 luster so sheen it pulls you in
frets on the harpoons
it moves it moves around you

sickle the cells of our pains
grow in deeper beneath the stains
of our youth
our youth imbued

grass comes in through the tongues
of the sorry words we sprung
on you
on you it fuels

and it surrounds
and it surrounds
all your dreams
and it will take you to
fears you never knew

running sycophants all our limbs
attaches us on as if we have no use
no use to let it refuse

pick up the wires of our sins
filter them into our benign truths
it fools it fumbles in tune

and it surrounds
and it surrounds
all your dreams
and it will take you to
fears you never knew

and it settles in
settles til you forget
and it white washes 
into your skin
and you won't remember none
no you won't remember none
who you are



Dan Quintana creates the most breathtaking art...

You can also find him on Instagram and watch videos of how he creates those enchanting eyes... just stunning work... 










I love this shop... and i love handmade jewelry... and i love handmade moon jewelry... and i love handmade crescent moon jewelry...





 For Demian : )   it's still there with the song you sent... just like i promised.  I hope you can see it from where you are...






today... 2-25... my 9.

 today is beautful


Michelle Brand has made some gorgeous chandeliers from recycling plastic bottles...take a peek at her website to see other designs she's created.  Beautiful!





Music. Oh i love it so... so I'll be sharing lots of music on this page.

Ethereal by Priscilla Hernandez... 





For Love & Lemons always has something stunning in their collections.  

Jolene Black Lace up dress... LOVE!


I LOVE this shop and i want one of everything but if i could only have one thing it would be this skirt. If you would like to buy it for me, i'll send you my address.  Thank you.

Mini Dystopian Skirt by Siskatank.




I found Hannie Sarris when i was searching for a word I couldn't remember how to spell today.   I'm so glad I stumbled into her world.  A self taught artist.  Her work is amazing. Sadly she passed away in 2010 but i'm so happy her creations will live on forever.




That Bohemian Girl .
That Bohemian Girl .